28 Feb – Yangon Violence

Location:Myaynigone, Hlaedan

Tear gas canisters spread across Myay Ni Gone. Hundreds of people were running into the streets. Also at Hledan around 9 in the morning, there was sound bomb and Tear gas canisters between San Yeik Nyein and Sinyaytwin. Apparently, Military terrorists fired live rounds and caused to dead two young protesters.

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Hlaedan Violence

Location : near Kyimyindaing

The reporter said while they were gathering all protesters in front of the Divisional Office, three police cars came in, detonated tear gas and fired rubber bullets at the protesters. Mainly, almost all teachers were arrested. Two people got injured .A school teacher who was shot with rubber bullet. She got heart attack from the sound of shooting. And passed away at the spot.

Location : Yankin

Police forced the medical workers to take off the ‘white coats’ and put them into the vehicle in Kyaukkone, Yankin Township, Yangon.
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Another photo that armed force’s gunshot to protesters.

[Yangon, Myay Ni Gone] [11:00 AM]

In full uniform About 50 soldiers in Myay Ni Gone Road blocked . Not the police.
The 77th Division Military force is in Myay Ni Gone.

Military Force don’t use police cars in Yangon for patrolling. They use vans and shot randomly from the cars.

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