Mandalay was brutally attacked by Myanmar Military armed force

Mandalay was brutally attacked by Myanmar Military armed force shot

Breaking News Mandalay Region, Myanmar!!!
On 20 February, at Yadanarbon shipyard, the Military Terrorists came and gave command to workers to drive the ship from Mandalay to Bamaw to carry oil with this ship. All shipyard workers are participating in Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) .
The shipyard workers are not willing work for Military Junta. So they said, “If you can drive, take it.”.
Later, the tension at Yadanarbon shipyard is fiercer as the military armed force cruelly trapped the civilians from both sides and started to crack down and fire live rounds . More than 20 gunshots had been fired into the crowd. A young boy (a volunteer) and one man were dead on that spot immediately.
According to locals, several people were injured and at least three are in critical condition. This is the initial report by locals.

We would like to highlight for this case. Myanmar Military armed force shot This is not an internal affairs, this is not a civil war.This is the most terrible and Injustice act of the Myanmar Military.We lost our people. We lost our human rights.

Please kindly see below videos and photos how they treat civilians terribly.

This young boy is one of the volunteers who tried to save the injured person but his brain was exploded after being shot by police and army and he was dead immediately

Military Police force not only crack down and fire live rounds at Yadanarbon Shipyard,also, they hit and shot the civilians on the street by rod, and tear gas
Police is not just arrested civilians also hit them

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