Myanmar Hackers attacked Military and Government websites

Dozen of websites including Central Bank of Burma , CB Securities and Military-controlled media faced cyber attack. The attack was initiated on February 15 and most of targeted websites were down till Wednesday evening,
On Myanmar Hackers Facebook group, these cyber attack was their work .”This is online crackdown movement on pro-junta departments and businesses” said on their post. They said they are fighting for justice in Myanmar. After Military coup in Myanmar , government websites have become the target of hackers who are standing with people fighting for Democracy.

CBM website went down

Over 20 government and media websites from Banking services , Revenue and trade services , Airlines , FDA , Commerce , Myanmar Army & state media even Eleven Media were attacked. Myanmar Hacker set up a hacking campaign called သင်ကိုယ်တိုင် HACK ,which all internet users can participate. You can go to the campaign link here. (

Some websites of Tatmadaw Information Team, Internal Revenue Department, Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) ၊ FDA and Myanmar’s Trade Network and e-Commerce Portal have come back online but the rest remains shutting down. Currently, Banking services (Central Bank of Myanmar , Myawaddy Banks , CB Securities) ၊ Government services (Myanmar’s Department of Civil Aviation – DCA Myanmar, Myanmar Port Authority, UMFCCI) , Military websites (Myanmar Army, DSInfo) and Media (MWD TV,MRTV) are crackdown

Myanmar Hackers group is using Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack , hacking way of disrupting a targeted website from being accessed by utilizing multiple sources and systems. This attacking style is one of the most common methods of cyber-attacks, which can be used to disconnect a network from an attacker and disconnect all network connections.

“Out blog is helping them to attack the army sites, military government sites and sites who are standing with Myanmar coup. We together attack mainly on income source process of government and on government banks processes . We do not attack on 3rd party companies and organizations.”, described on Myanmar Hackers page.

Youth are actively participating pro-junta crackdown campaign

Myanmar Hackers group is also attacking anti-CDM office websites. Hundreds of young people are also joining this hack campaign.
“This (DDoS) mainly targets website traffic overload and excess limit on permitted website load makes it slow and down. I also participate in Military Junta’s website Hack campaign every night. It is just a way of digital demonstration” , said a young man in Yangon

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