Police Terrorists raid on 34 x 79 Mandalay

17.2.2021 This is the case in Mandalay Railway Station.
An important train has to leave Mandalay Central Station tonight, but didn’t mention where to go and what to carry in that train.

The problem is that all the train staff in Mandalay are doing CDM and there is no train locomotive. As a result, some train locomotives who are on duty in Meikhtila train station have not only been detained with guns also been ordered to get off the train. There was a letter thrown from inside, it’s a kind of giving information that they are detained inside(Please see the letter in below).Because of that letter,people are trying to help these detained locomotives and also help to block the train.

At 8-9 pm, tear gas was dropped. The mob was dispersed with guns.
The exact number of injured and damaged is not yet known as it was happened in the railways staff housing compound.(According to a brother of a railway employee, he is currently on CDM and had to run away to other place).

At the corner of 79 x 34 west of the Railways station compound,the cars belonging to the Charity Minkhaung group was shot by police force. One member was injured head and thigh. These charity members are trapped in the office as the police force is shooting them if they come outside.

This is an initial news reported by one of the neighbors nearby Railways.

This letter was thrown by detained locomotives to ask help from nearby people

This letter mentioned as per below
Train locomotives – 4 persons
They are detained in the clerk’s office place.
Train no. RBE – 4031
They had to kneel down as they are aimed at the guns by armed force.

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