Why Myanmar citizens against the Military Junta

Everyday, Gen X,Y, Z from different sectors are protesting to Military Junta. With a small luck, in Yangon so far, protesters can go back home without much injury, thought riot police force disturb and crack down the crowded peaceful protesters. But for the region like Naypyidaw, Myitkyina and Mandalay, armed forces used water cannon, slingshots, rubber bullets and real guns to crack down the people. Because of their severe and inhumane mindset, two person caused be dead, one in Naypyidaw and the other one in Myitkyina,Kachin State. Not only our people are participating in Protests and CDM (Civil Disobedience Movement) also they are struggling to take duty as night watchers for their streets or blocks. Moreover, idiot and crazy Junta plans to make firewall for blocking the internet like China and tracking how and what people are using. We lost our human rights since the first day of Military coup. Every night when the internet is cut off , there are at least two round trip flights between China and Myanmar. Anyway, Our people will keep fighting for Democracy which was initiated in last 5 years by our Elected government.

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