The military coup sold treasury bonds worth two hundred millions.

What is treasury bond?
Treasury bonds are sold for eight hundred thousand, which is urgently needed to be withdrawn in five years after depositing one hundred thousand in the bank.
The highest bidder will be the one who can offer it. In other words, the government lends public money for a while.

Why do they sell?
Usually, treasury bonds are sold, if capital projects or daily operating expenses or staff salaries are necessary. 
In other words, the government is selling treasury bonds because it does not want to use the machine to print money when the government is running a deficit.

How can it be affected?
Given that the repayment of treasury bonds is at the earliest in 2023, it can be assumed that the military coup has no plans to return power for at least another two years. 
Even if re-elections and a real transfer of power are made, the new government will have to repay the debt to those who bought the treasury bonds.
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