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Internet restored in Myanmar but unofficial flights are observed

Local people reported and shared on their social media that internet is restored and start sharing news with their families and friends from abroad.

One odd thing was happened after cutting off the internet. One of the persons who working at an airline group shared on her social media as per below. MAI flights made 6 round trips from Yangon to Kunming last night (as far as she can) MMA791- (Yangon-Kunming) Exact time unknown MMA792- (Kunming-Yangon) 23: 30-01: 40 MMA770 (Yangon – Kunming) Exact time unknown MMA771 (Kunming-Yangon) 22: 40-00: 42 MMA772 (Yangon-Kunming) 01: 30-03: 30 MMA773 (Kunming-Yangon) 04: 55-06: 55 (All four lines of MMA77 are the same.) Departures, arrival times and departure times are not stated. There is no flight list for these planes at Mingaladon Airport or Kunming Airport. What makes it even more suspicious is that when these planes take off and land, the radar is turned off and the airport is connected to an air traffic control tower. Radar disappears near Yangon Airport and near Kunming Airport. However, the radar path can sometimes be seen as evidence.

Special thanks for sharing with us, credit to Ms. June.

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